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States That Accept a Texas Teaching Certification

Several states offer Texas teachers reciprocal teaching certification.

Several states allow Texas teachers reciprocity of teaching credentials, allowing them to teach without having to take additional tests. All of the states require an application, a state fee, proof of successful completion of home-state requirements, a year of teaching experience and completion of a same-state certification examination such as the Praxis, the most commonly used certification exam.


Arizona offers a provisional license to Texas teachers.

A one-year teaching certification in Arizona requires a bachelor’s degree, out-of-state teaching certificate, valid Arizona fingerprinting card, application and fee. A provisional license will be issued. This gives teachers one year to complete the Provisional Knowledge Exam, Subject Knowledge Exam and SEI training (Structured English Immersion). Once these are completed, a renewable two-year certificate is issued.


Idaho will grant Texas teachers a three-year Idaho temporary teaching certificate with a completed application and a background check, official transcripts and fee. Out-of-state teachers have a year to complete any outstanding requirements. Upon completion, they are issued a five-year renewable certificate.


Louisiana requires out-of-state teachers to complete the PRAXIS/NTE exam.

The Louisiana State Department of Education offers teachers with out-of-state licenses, including Texas, reciprocity under certain conditions. They must take state PRAXIS/NTE exams if they don’t have at least four years of teaching experience. With experience and satisfactory evaluations from a year working in Louisiana public schools, they are granted a teaching license. Teachers must complete an application from the Department of Education and submit it with a fee.


Nevada has a NASDTEC Interstate Agreement with Texas.

Because Nevada has an NASDTEC Interstate Agreement, teachers with a valid full (not temporary) Texas teaching certificate receive reciprocal certification. This does not include special education teachers, who must complete state-specific tests and meet other licensing requirements. A year of recent teaching experience is required to receive a reciprocal certificate.

New Mexico

New Mexico requires that Texas teachers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

New Mexico will grant Texas teachers with a bachelor’s degree or higher who hold a valid Texas Department of Education teaching license a New Mexico license. A fee, results of the Texas teaching exam and evidence of successful teaching in Texas is required.

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