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Campus Outreach Ideas

Campus Outreach organizations and groups serve to enlighten, educate and spread Christian belief systems and ideas on college campuses. Many organizations are run by fellow students. Connecting with other students in a similar setting is an unobtrusive and laid-back way to spread “the Word.” By knowing your crowd and target audience, outreach ideas are plentiful in an environment tailored to learning.

Social Gatherings

Social gatherings are planned, organized and scheduled events that gather all types of people from different interests. An outreach initiative could host a forum on controversial issues, screen a movie, showcase Christian music or entail a craft-making or holiday event. Events can begin or end with a spiritual presentation or prayer and pamphlets could be distributed to attendees. A sign-up sheet for contact details should be placed on tables or entrance and exit areas to garner contact information and response cards. If the event includes a holiday-themed motif, a speaker can give a forward on what it means and how it relates to Christianity.

Study Groups

At one point or another, all students will have to sit down and study throughout a college stint. Outreach-sponsored study groups are an integral way to get involved with all walks of student life. A subject-related study group could have biblical teachings or topics afterward or it could open or end with a prayer. Informational articles, pamphlets or contact information should be given to group attendees. Study break events can also draw a crowd to the cause. It is hard to pass up free food or a good offer of a study break. Therefore, outreach initiatives could include free coffee or tea during exam times, free donuts or free 5-minute massages and have informational material at the venue.

Prayer and Learning Initiatives

Another campus outreach approach involves direct prayer and learning initiative. Students can be approached and handed surveys about religion or asking questions that provoke a response. A drop box for completed surveys or contact info or even prayer requests can be set up in a campus center or post office with administrative approval. You could set up a weekly prayer group or Bible reading and advertise with campus posters or through friends.

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